This General Education Foundations category addresses the basic mathematical skills that a student needs in order to succeed at Rutgers and to become an informed and empowered citizen. A student fulfills this requirement by passing a mathematics course (640 prefix) at the 100 or higher level. Depending on the course chosen, the student will be able to demonstrate achievement of several of the following goals:

  • Analyze patterns and identify whether the pattern continues and is consistent.
  • Use the symbols of logical analysis to determine whether an argument based upon given premises is valid.
  • Have the ability to apply basic geometric insights relative to distance, area, surface area and volume.
  • Use critical thinking skills comfortably with all operations with real numbers.
  • Understand the properties of   algebra and be able to solve real world applications.
  • Enhance reasoning skills by the study of proofs in geometry.
  • Develop proficiency in the interpretation of information using set analysis applied to data distribution.
  • Mathematically model and then analyze phenomena using techniques from logic, number theory, algebra, and/or calculus.
  • Use group theory and numeration systems to understand the properties that apply to everyday events.