Want to know why there is a 70% chance that 2 people in a room of 30 have the same birthday?
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A first course in probability theory.
Probability theory is a branch of mathematics that provides a framework to describe and investigate mathematical models of random phenomena. Tools from probability theory enable one to reason in the presence of uncertainty. The subject is mathematically interesting and very practical. Application areas include statistical/quantum mechanics, genetics, psychology, politics, finance, AI, etc.

Course Requirements.
Three semesters of Calculus, one semester of linear algebra, and some proof writing experience.

Learning Goals.
Understand probability axioms and be able to use them to derive fundamental rules of probability. Use analytic or simulation-based techniques to compute probabilities. Become well-acquainted with some well-known discrete and continuous probability distributions. Understand and compute “expected values.” Know the Central Limit Theorem, its proof, and why it is considered one of the most important results in all of mathematics.

Course Textbook.
Probability and Statistics (4th Edition) by Morris H. DeGroot and Mark Schervish, Addison-Wesley 2010

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