The department offers undergraduategraduate, and accelerated degree programs that prepare students for professional careers as well as further studies in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and other related fields.


The department offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science degree program in Applied and Computational Mathematics. The department also offers minors in Mathematics and Statistics.

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The graduate program offers a Master’s degree program in Mathematics  and  Applied and Computational Mathematics. Some of our faculty are also members of the Center of Computational and Integrative Biology which confers Ph.D. degrees in related fields.

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The Accelerated Bachelor and Master Degree program offers qualified students the opportunity to enroll in up to 3 graduate-level courses taken during their senior year. These courses count toward the ten-course requirement for the Master of Science degree. This program suits math majors interested in obtaining both bachelor and master degrees in 4+1 years.

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Why Major in Math at Rutgers-Camden?

Learn skills and develop abilities that employers seek

    • Mathematical skills: learn computational approaches, logical reasoning, problem solving, data analysis, pattern recognition, and other advanced quantitative skills.
    • Analytical thinking: apply mathematical methods and principles to solve real world problems.
    • Communication skills: develop the ability to clearly present information using mathematical language.

Have strong career options and outlook

    • Many jobs in today’s economy require analytic and quantitative skills. A 2019 study found that graduates with degrees in STEM fields out-earn their peers and are less likely to be unemployed, and ranked Applied Math as #13 of the most valuable majors.

Interact with world-class researchers

    • Our programs provide students the opportunities to interact with our faculty and conduct sponsored research projects.

Connect to Rutgers alumni network

    • Math alumni have diverse career paths and keep strong ties to the department, returning to speak at departmental events and providing guidance to current students.

Our students have found employment in the following fields:

  • Data analytics
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Computing
  • IT
  • Higher education
  • Secondary education

Other students have gone on to pursue graduate and professional degrees in mathematics, computer science, finance, and other fields.

Why Mathematics and Statistics? 

Mathematics is the science of structure, order, and relation. It originated from basic human activities such as counting and measuring. Mathematics is the language of physical sciences and engineering. In more recent years, it has increasingly played a similar role in quantitative aspects of the life sciences. Statistics is the science of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting empirical data.

Mathematics and Statistics are highly interdisciplinary fields. They underpin many recent breakthroughs in computer and biological sciences, communication, and medicine.