2019 REU Opportunity: Mathematical Study of Brownian Spiders


Spend eight weeks (June & July of Summer 2019) quantitatively understanding the properties of Brownian spiders, and other variants of Brownian motion, using probabilistic, analytic and numerical techniques. 


Participant must be a US citizen or Permanent Resident and must be a math undergraduate in Fall 2019. Participant cannot have any other commitment during the program such as a summer job or enrollment in summer classes. Prerequisite courses are Linear Algebra (Math 250), Mathematical Reasoning with Proofs (Math 300), Advanced Calculus I & II (Math 311-312), and Elementary Differential Equations (Math 314). Prefer applicants who have also taken Probability and Stochastic Processes (Math 331) and Partial Differential Equations (Math 463).

How to Apply

Submit all application materials (listed below) via email to Professor Nawaf Bou-Rabee at nawaf.bourabee@rutgers.edu.

Application Materials

  • Resume (clearly indicate citizenship).
  • Two recommendation letters from professors who can discuss your potential to successfully complete a research project in mathematics. (Ask recommenders to directly email their letters to Professor Bou-Rabee)
  • Academic transcript.
  • Personal/Research Statement: describe your background in mathematics and explain your interest in an REU on Brownian spiders.