Master of Science Program 

The graduate program in mathematics offers a master’s degree in Pure Mathematics and  Applied and Computational Mathematics. Students who complete their degree have many career options. Some go onto an academic career teaching at the college level or earning a doctoral degree. Those who pursue the Applied and Computational track are prepared for careers in research and industry.

Admissions Requirements:

The requirements to start a Masters in Mathematics at Rutgers are the following:

  •  a bachelor’s degree in science or mathematics, with a GPA greater than 3.0
  •  GRE scores
  •  two letters of recommendation.

Visit the Graduate Admissions site to apply for mathematics graduate programs.

If your degree is not in science/mathematics, then you need to have taken Calculus I, II and III, and Differential Equations and/or Linear Algebra. These courses could be taken anywhere where they are offered. The courses that are offered usually run either once a week from 6-8:40 pm or twice a week from 4:30-5:50 pm, so that people who work full time can attend the classes. The department offers limited opportunities for qualified students in the Master’s degree program to teach lower division math classes. 

Program Requirements:

To graduate, a student must complete:

  • 10 courses or 30 credits
  • satisfy writing requirement

The writing requirement must be satisfied by either a master’s thesis or demonstration to the faculty of ability to write a creditable expository or critical essay. This may be fulfilled either as part of a regular course or seminar or in a special assignment designed for such purposes.

View the list of Graduate Course Descriptions.

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