Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

Rutgers-Camden offers two comprehensive undergraduate degree programs in the mathematical sciences:

  • Pure Mathematics
    This program is for students looking for a traditional mathematics curriculum.
  • Applied and Computational Mathematics
    This program is for students with an interest in mathematics and computer science and in the overlapping disciplines of biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics.


To qualify for a bachelor’s degree, a student must satisfactorily complete with a grade of B or better each of the courses in the appropriate track with one possible exception of a C/C+.

In addition, for the bachelor of science a student must take:

  • 50:640:190 Foundations of Calculus (to be offered first in Spring 2015), and
  • 50:640:252 Advanced Linear Algebra (to be offered first in Fall 2015) instead of the existing 50:640:250 Linear Algebra.

The total number of credits for the degree is 48.

The requirements for Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics remain unchanged. The total number of credits for B.A. is 45. 

Course Order

Our curriculum contains integrated sequences of courses that should be taken in the proper order. Students should follow the recommended sequence of courses. View the list of Undergraduate Course Descriptions.

In particular, all students should take Theory of Numbers before taking Modern Algebra I. Students should take Mathematical Reasoning with Proofs as soon as possible after finishing two semesters of calculus.