Our faculty conduct cutting edge research in a wide variety of areas. See Faculty Research Highlights for more information.

Bou-RabeeNawaf Bou-Rabee, Professor

Email: nb361@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856)225-6093; Office: BSB 309
Website: https://sites.rutgers.edu/nawaf-bou-rabee/ 
Education: Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics, California Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Applied Mathematics and Probability


Siqi Fu, Professor 

Email: sfu@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-2349; Office: BSB 426
Website: https://people.camden.rutgers.edu/sfu 
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Washington University in St. Louis
Research Interests: Geometric analysis in several complex variables, spectral theory of partial differential operators


Dr Herrera GuzmanHaydee Herrera-Guzman, Associate Professor
Director of the Graduate Program and Interim Chair

Email: haydeeh@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-2667; Office: BSB 428
Website: https://math.camden.rutgers.edu/faculty/haydee-herrera/
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Research Interests: Differential Geometry


Dr JacobowitzHoward Jacobowitz, Distinguished Professor

Email: jacobowi@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-6308; Office: BSB 313
Website: https://jacobowitz.camden.rutgers.edu/ 
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, New York University
Research Interests: CR geometry, Several Complex Variables


Dr KusharyDebashis Kushary, Associate Professor

Email: kushary@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-6087; Office: Armitage 313
Education: Ph.D. in Statistics, Rutgers University
Research Interests: Statistics


Will Y.K. Lee, Associate ProfessorDr Lee

Email: wylee@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-2365; Office: BSB 425
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Research Interests: Number Theory


Sara LeshenSara Leshen, Assistant Teaching Professor

Email: sara.leshen@rutgers.edu
Phone: 856-225-6324; Office: BSB 429
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
Research Interests: Pure and applied harmonic analysis; time-frequency analysis.


Dr LiHaisheng Li, Professor

Email: hli@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-2348; Office: BSB 407
Website: https://math.camden.rutgers.edu/faculty/haisheng-li/
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Rutgers University
Research Interests: Infinite dimensional Lie algebra, vertex operator algebra, quantum vertex algebra and their association with various algebras such as Yangians and quantum affine algebras.


Dr LimChristopher Lim, Assistant Teaching Professor

Email: chlim@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-2932; Office:  Armitage 311
Education: M.S. in Mathematics, Rutgers University-Camden
Research Interests: Mathematics Education


Randy Mershon, Assistant Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator

Email: rmershon@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-6091; Office: Armitage 315
Education: M.S. in Mathematics, Rutgers University-Camden
Research Interests: Mathematics Education


Mahesh G. Nerurkar, Professor

Email: nmahesh@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-6614; Office: BSB 312
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems


Benedetto PiccoliBenedetto Piccoli, Professor and Chair, Lopez Chair

Email: piccoli@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-6356; Office: BSB
Website: https://piccoli.camden.rutgers.edu/
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
Research Interests: Applied Mathematics


Dr TothGabor Toth, Distinguished Professor

Email: gtoth@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-6538; Office: BSB 310
Website: https://math.camden.rutgers.edu/faculty/gabor-toth/ 
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Eötvös Loránd University
Research Interests: Differential geometry and convex geometry


Yuchung Wang, Professor

Email: yuwang@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-2364; Office: Armitage: 319
Website: https://math.camden.rutgers.edu/faculty/yuchung-wang/
Education: Ph.D. in Applied Statistics and Statistical Computing, Rutgers University
Research Interests: Categorical data analysis, multivariate dependence, conditionally specified distributions, social networks, computational statistics, and quality engineering (Taguchi Method).


Emeritus Faculty


Dr GerverJoseph Gerver, Professor

Email: gerver@camden.rutgers.edu
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of California-Berkeley
Research Interests: Analysis, N-Body problem


Dr BhojDinesh S. Bhoj, Professor

Email: dbhoj@camden.rutgers.edu
Phone: (856) 225-6092; Office:  Armitage 317
Education: Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: Statistics

Josephine Johansen,  Assistant Teaching Professor

Email: jjohanse@scarletmail.rutgers.edu
Education: M.S. in Mathematics, Drexel University
Research Interests: Mathematics Education


Affiliated Faculty (Part-Time Lecturers)

Teaching Assistants

  • Samuel Bidwell
  • Rohan Maheshwari
  • Eliz Yanik