In accordance with Rutgers University’s criteria for appointments, reappointments, and promotions of NTT faculty, the Department of Mathematical Sciences evaluates candidates on the basis of their teaching, scholarship, and service. Candidates for reappointment, tenure, and promotion are advised to consult the department guidelines and Rutgers Policy.

For NTT faculty appointments and reappointments the foremost criteria for the Department of Mathematical Sciences are excellence and dedication in teaching and service work.


The Department of Mathematical Sciences expects all NTT candidates to excel in the ability to “communicate knowledge” to their students, and to be effective, engaging, and motivating teachers. In the classroom, effectiveness in teaching is assessed via student evaluations, and faculty observations. Outside the classroom, NTT candidates are expected to be fully involved in advising, mentoring, and supervising student work, and play important roles in course and curriculum developments.


NTT faculty are encouraged to maintain active research programs, participate in collaborated research and publish research/pedagogy articles. They are expected to attend events of scholarly importance held on campus and nearby, such as seminars, colloquia, and conferences. For events suitable for students such as student seminars and mini-conferences, one of the basic roles of an NTT faculty member is to help disseminate relevant information to the student body, to encourage students to attend such events, and to be an active participant whenever appropriate.


For an NTT faculty member service to Rutgers University should be related to those pertaining to instructional and curricular matters. They are expected to discuss, follow and implement changes in teaching and course development. Ideally, an experienced NTT faculty member should have a great influence on how the curriculum is delivered to students. In addition, NTT faculty are expected to be vigorous participants in outreach programs and campus-wide activities geared toward increasing enrollment and disseminating information about our campus to potential future students.

Note: Direct quotation above are from Rutgers Policy 60.5.14, Criteria for Academic Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions