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Department Chair
Dr. Gabor Toth
(856) 225-6538

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Haydee Herrera-Guzman
(856) 225-2667

Faculty Undergrad Advisers
Pure Mathematics:
Josephine Johansen
Applied Mathematics:
Dr. Joseph Gerver

Sangeetha Maheshwari
(856) 225-6076

Student Spotlight

We R Arts and Sciences: Dr. Benedetto Piccoli

Benedetto PiccoliAs a young boy growing up in Italy, Benedetto Piccoli was fascinated by mathematics.  As he got older, his interest in math never waned, and when he entered the University of Padua for his bachelor’s degree, his appreciation and passion for the subject strengthened as he began to learn about “modern math,” which is not ... Read more ... Read more ...

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Rutgers-Camden offers three comprehensive undergraduate degree programs in the mathematical sciences: pure mathematics, applied and computational mathematics, and mathematics education. Students looking for a traditional mathematics curriculum should choose the pure mathematics program. Students with an interest in mathematics and computer science and in the overlapping disciplines of biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics should consider a major in applied and computational mathematics. Mathematical sciences majors interested in teaching as a profession must complete the degree requirements in addition to completing the teacher prep program.