Math everywhere: How mathematics is used in real-life situations.

Abstract. We show how math appears in every aspect of our daily life. First, we describe how math is used in biomedicine as alternative to experimental methods, such as clinical trials. Some examples of collaboration with pharma industries are described. Then we focus on vehicular traffic and illustrate the math behind the world largest experiments with autonomous vehicles. 

Brief biography. Dr. Benedetto Piccoli is University Professor and the Joseph and Loretta Lopez Chair Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University – Camden. He also served as Vice Chancellor for Research.
His research interests span various areas of applied mathematics, including control theory, traffic flow on networks, crowd dynamics, math finance and application to autonomous driving, population health and bio-medical systems. He is author of more than 300 research papers and 7 books and is the founding editor of Networks and Heterogeneous Media. Professor Piccoli is the recipient of the Fubini Prize in 2009 and plenary speaker at ICIAM in 2011. He is a Fellow of American Mathematical Society.