What Can You Do With Math? (a part of the Rutgers Day Event), Saturday, April 28, 2018, 10:00am-4:00pm

What is mathematics good for?  What can one do with a mathematics degree?  Many jobs in today’s economy require analytic and quantitative skills. This explains why—according to one survey—the top three jobs are math-oriented: mathematician, actuary, and statistician. Through this program, we will show you why mathematics could be fun and how useful it is in our daily life.  

Spring into Math, February 16, 2018

Pricing Uber’s Marketplace
Presenter:  Dr. James Davis, Senior Data Scientist at Uber
Time and Location:  11:20-12:20, Friday, February 16, Penn 401
Abstract:  Dynamic pricing at Uber is a key part of what makes the service so reliable. We will see how dynamic pricing works in an up close way. First, we will walk though pricing during a typical day in Philadelphia. Then, after we explain the key concepts behind dynamic pricing we will show the concepts in action after the Eagles Super Bowl win. We will show just how the Uber market evolved and how pricing responded. If there is enough time we will discuss some of the next big challenges for Uber’s pricing system.

Dr. James Davis obtained his BA in Mathematics from Rutgers-Camden in 2010 and Ph.D. in Operations Research from Cornell University in 2015. He was an assistant professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign before joining Uber where he is currently Senior Data Scientist, taking a lead role in designing Uber’s pricing system.

Panel Discussion by Math Alumni:
Dr. Stephen Alessandrini, Mr. Nicholas Sanchirico, Mr. Max Steel, and Ms. Nicole Stouffer
Topics: Rutgers-Camden experience and career choices for math majors
Time and Location: 12:30-1:30, Friday, February 16, Penn 401

Dr. Stephen Alessandrini is a Principal Member of the Engineering Staff at Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ. He has over 30 years experience as both an applied mathematician working in industry and as a faculty member at Rutgers-Camden. He obtained a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Rutgers-New Brunswick in 1991, an M.S. in applied mathematics from Rutgers-New Brunswick in 1987, and a B.A in applied mathematics and computer science with a minor in physics from Rutgers-Camden in 1985.

Mr. Nicholas Sanchirico completed his undergraduate degree in pure math in 2011 and master’s degree in 2013 with a focus on applied math. After graduating Mr. Sanchirico started working at Lockheed Martin as a modeling and simulation software engineer. For a little over 4 years he worked on various simulation components of the Aegis combat system. Mr. Sanchirico recently started as a software developer at Susquehanna International Group LLC working on tool deployment and framework improvements. Mr. Sanchirico has also been teaching various courses at RUC over the past few years in physics and scientific computing.

Mr. Max Steel received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Rutgers College in 1999 and began a career teaching high school math.  Upon moving to South Jersey in 2005, he started attending the Masters program in Pure Mathematics at Rutgers-Camden.  He completed his master’s degree in 2007, attending courses in the evenings while working full-time as a high school teacher.  He began to teach courses part-time as an adjunct at Rutgers-Camden, Burlington County College, and Gloucester County College in the evenings and summers while teaching high school.  In 2014, Mr. Steel decided he was ready for a new challenge, and embarked on a career in the actuarial profession.  He is currently employed as an Actuarial Analyst for Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia.

Ms. Nicole Stouffer graduated 1994 from Rutgers Camden with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and continued her mathematics education with a concentration in statistics at Drexel University, graduating with an master’s degree in 1996. Her career started working for American College of Radiology and Children’s hospital of Philadelphia. Later, she started her own statistical consulting firm in 2004 Medical-Research-Support (MRS), where she has worked for pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Wyeth, Allergen, and J&J in a variety of therapeutic areas such as pain, CNS, immunology and inflammation, infant nutrition and more. She has also contributed as a co-author to multiple publications. Nicole is married and the mother of 2 young children Lexi 13 and Nick 9.
Reception will be served in the Private Dining Room at the Campus Center starting at 2:00 pm.

You are invited to the event. Math majors and graduate students are required to attend the lecture and are encouraged to participate in the subsequent panel discussion. If you plan to attend the reception, please RSVP with Ms. Sangeetha Maheshwari (Sangeetha.maheshwari@rutgers.edu) by Monday, February 12.